Monday, January 24, 2011

Rick Perry Texas Governor on Stimulus Money

Texas filled nearly 97 percent of its shortfall last year with Federal stimulus dollars, even as its governor has been sharply critical of "bailout" policies, citing the National Conference of State Legislatures.
In the wake of the recession, Texas is one of many states that, contending with diminished revenue, have benefited from Federal support.

After facing a $6.6 billion budget hole, Texas used $6.4 billion of Federal money to help patch it, allowing the state to keep its $9.1 billion emergency fund intact.

But on the same day he asked for the bailout money, governor Rick Perry started a petition called "No Government Bailouts." Indeed, Perry is a consistent critic of government spending, frequently pointing to his own state as proof that budget austerity -- spending cuts coupled with low taxes -- works.

But now, with the stimulus money running out, and with the economy still sluggish, Texas is projected to run a nearly $27 billion deficit over the next two years.
Repeat the lie, repeat the lie, till everyone believes it.


Jim G. said...

Your point is?

We are going broke and so you solution is? Tax more?

Texas uses "stimulus" funds to fund their operations? That is bad?

You point is that it is hippocritical to condemn bailouts while using them.

Your solution never seems to be to limit government spending and fact you seem to protest and ridicule any attempts.



Baxter said...

Perry's feeding at the federal trough is particularly ironic considering his comments about Texas secession from these United States of America.

What is it with the Republicans and secession anyway?