Monday, January 24, 2011

Life, liberty and the persuit CT scans and PLASMA TV's

Honestly so stupid as to almost not require comment....nah.  

Baxter said...

Healthcare is already rationed, and has been, by cost and ability to pay. It will always be rationed in some manner or form.

Really?  No kidding, things are rationed based on ability to pay?  Wow.

If not, then where is my free Cadillac?


Baxter said...

Jim - If you were broke and needed the equivalent of a new Caddy to stay alive, I would support government funding to that end. That is the Democratic position. We can afford it if we establish priorities and reconcile tax revenues with expenditures.

If our government adopted your favored approach, we'd have people dying on the streets for lack of access to healthcare. Thats just too damn bad for the casualties, right? Maybe they will get a better job in the next life...

Eric Martin said...

C'mon Jim:

The extraordinary cost of sending poor persons to ER is a waste of everyone's money.

And there are many employed people who are gaming the system by choosing not to have health insurance.

Most people cannot afford to self insure medical costs, and they cannot pretend to live their entire lives without incurring medical expenses.

Bring the uninsured into the pool, get them to pay according to their financial ability. Give them modest routine care instead of none at all.

For pete's sakes, it was the Bob Dole plan.

(By the way, you are required to carry automobile insurance for very same reasons. Most drivers cannot afford to self-insure. I don't particularly like paying auto insurance, but I would not prefer to have the other guy go without. )