Friday, August 26, 2011


America still has wealthy business people with a sense of justice and public good, people like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and patriotic millionaires for fiscal strengh and common sense who lobby for higher taxes for people like themselves.
Unfortunately the icons of today have been loud and crazy like Donald Trump (your fired) and "Neutron" Jack Welch and " Chainsaw" Al Dunlap (Sunbeam) who were all famous for raising profits and by CUTTING JOBS.
The recovery of General Motors and Chrysler demonstrates that in collaboration with government and labor American enterprise can revive in ways that not only save jobs but create them.
We are told business will not invest unless they have certainty, are you kidding me? Did the Wright brothers have certainty at Kitty Hawk, did Steve Jobs have certainty on the I pad or I phone?
We had certainty on Wall Street they knew they were selling Junk and they knew people were going to buy them, and they knew they were going to be insured.
What's happened to America Businessman he wants a SURE DEAL, sorry thats not the way it works!
Unless of course all you are about is getting rid of this President and nothing else!

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Jim G. said...

Exceptional babble!

Business are not moralists. Save us if they are. You think those saints you cite were always so sweet?

Terry, your confident ignorance is amazing.

Businesses will restart when this president quits scaring them.

Labor adds nothing to business.

They are sitting on their hands because the country is controlled by folks like you!