Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Getting to Know the Tea Party


Mark Chaney said...

Great source!

Baxter said...

Glad to see you are still reading the blog, Mark! Hopefully we'll get to hear your views next year as the election approaches.

Mark Chaney said...

Thanks, just happen to look in, hope all is going well with you!

Jim G. said...

getting to know the tea party from a biased MSNBC idiot? Salon.

What I know about the tea party is it was started in protest to government spending. Mostly as an outcry agains the government bailout of the auto industry and then grown during the protest over obamacare.

I would imagine that they are mostly Rep., given that is the natural allingment. However, they are not of a central leadership, have been very effective and so far have induced a bit of fiscal dicipline.

What I don't understand is what you have against them. They primarly want to limit government spending and balance the budget. Are you against that?

They, in no way, want their pet programs spared perhaps excepting S.S., which has been paid into and owed.

What is you beef, and don't start with they want limits, but don't support cuts in their favorites.

Even if true, and it is not, what is wrong with the concept?


As Mark said, great source.

Baxter said...

What I have against the Tea Party is that they are ignorant. "Taxed Enough Already" when we have the lowest taxes in the western world and the lowest domestic tax bite in 60 years? Pure ignorance.

They do not want to cut Social Security, Medicare, or Defense. It doesn't add up - they just don't know it.