Saturday, August 13, 2011

Rick Perry

I listened to Perry make his announcement speech.  He is not shy about his Conservatism and speaks to me.  He spoke directly about the insult of having 50% of the population pay no taxes and pledged to make the Government as inconsequential in my life as practicable. 

He is the opposite of Obama.  He is not like Bush, while both are from Texas, Perry is more brazen and cocky.  He is also the anti Romney, not especially polished, and definitely not compromising.

It is not unreasonable to believe that both might be on the ticket, I think today, Perry on top.

It would be one hell of a race.  The polar opposites of candidates, with polar opposites of vision.

The country would chose between American Capitalism or European Socialism.

It will depend on how many of the 50% non tax payers vote.

Our future will hang in the balance.


Baxter said...

Just a reminder: George Bush, Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann have spoken to you as well. Now Rick Perry. Its a pretty bunch.

Another reminder: 50% of the population pay no INCOME taxes because of the 2001 and 2003 Bush tax cuts. It was a cynical fig leaf applied by Karl Rove in order to reduce top rates from Clinton's successful 39.6% to Bush's deficit inducing 35%. So, you can thank your former candidate for the insult.

We agree. Rick Perry is the opposite of Obama. He will not be able to attract the patriotic American vote, due to his spoken secessionist sympathies (was he speaking to you then, Doc?). Would America have elected Jefferson Davis as President? Those who love America will have to vote for someone else.

His overt religiosity will not work well except in states that are already deep red. The areas of GOP opportunity - the struggling Rust Belt and Florida - will not take well to Perry's style or rhetoric.

Karl Rove and the Bushes know Rick Perry very well. They hate him. That speaks volumes.

We will see. 15 mo' months of entertainment...

Eric Martin said...
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Eric Martin said...

I used to live in Austin. I like Texas.

The silly but widespread Texas secessionist position is that Texas never agreed to be part of the United States; and, therefore, owes no allegiance and no taxes. Its native born citizens are Texans, not yankees. It can secede at its discretion, at any time.

Following this logic, a fifth generation Texan like Rick Perry would not be eligible to be President of the United States.

The state of Texas, of course, is a net beneficiary of federal spending.

Stupid is as stupid does.