Wednesday, August 17, 2011

He just can't help himself.

Obama just cannot get a clue.  He is STILL talking about fricking infrastructure, like building bridges will help create long term economic growth.  He just can't leave the rich alone, as if that is what is necessary to rebuild our economy.

He is wrong, but he is a true believer in socialism.  He truly thinks class warfare and public works are the solution to our national economic emergency.

And mark my words, things are going to get worse.

A Democrat was on the air today, he blamed the Rep. congress for not letting the Dem's spend 3 trillion on the stimulus and blamed them for standing firm on the debt ceiling issue.

If the stimulus worked, it would have worked.

Greatest fallacy of my life #1, the government throwing money at the economy helps prevent deflation (how are those home prices doing?) and #2 there is a government multiplier.

We have said for a long time, let people keep more of their money and let them be free and we will be OK.  We are in a government created mess and we keep adding fuel to the fire.

Tort reform
Balance the budget
Lower taxes
Remove regulation
Enforce the law.

1 month after the above, we start growing.

It is that simple.

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