Tuesday, August 2, 2011


During the Obama campaign, one of his oft spoken themes was " We are not red states and blue states , we are the United States."
Well ! I think this debt crisis showed us all that we are blue states are red states and not the United States. And one of the big problems Obama has failed to recognize since taking office is exactly that.
The people who do not agree with Obama are not willing to work together, they are "take it to the edge and over." The fact that these tea party people were willing to push the American economy over the cliff, and cost the average American thousands of dollars, is proof that nothing matters except their agenda.
Obama wake up these are not work together people, they are "their way or the highway" people, look at Health Care, did they come around and work together or did they just obstruct.
Obama stop being naive, this is not a community organizer (bring community together) job.
This is about power Washington power, and you better learn quick these people are out to destroy you.
Before you all comment, let's be clear, there is nothing wrong with having principals and not compromising them, but you were elected to get things done for the American people and that alone means not getting your way all the time, and raising the debt limit is a Washington pastime done year after year. Anything else is politics pure and simple.


Baxter said...

If only Obama would channel LBJ, a lot more would get done by the good guys. The rank ignorance of the Tea Party and it's power in the GOP creates political opportunity for the good guys. Unfortunately, very little of it gets exploited. Obama is politically cautious by nature while these times call for a bold and aggressive posture. He is leaving too many men on base.

Jim G. said...

So you would prefer a slow stroll to bankruptcy?

You want the country saved or not?

Your side would have never dealt with the deficit, never!

Baxter said...

I'll refer you to the 1993 Budget Bill, Doc. Democrats address deficits. Republicans create them. See: America 1981 - 2011.