Sunday, July 31, 2011

Romney if I can trust he will do what he says and if I am confident the country will vote for an LDS.  (I would, but "O" must be defeated).

Pawlenty, if he can get any traction, I like what he says but so far it is one hand clapping.

Perry if he enters, he is a strong Conservative with an incredible record.  Secession, succmession.

Bachman if she can make her strength and talent look electable.

Not Palin, not because she is not qualified and not an incredible person, it is not her time and she is more effective as a unapologetic spokesperson. 

Not Huntsman.  I ask why is he even running, we don't need compromise, we need better government.  Moderation got whacked last time as it does every time.

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Baxter said...

Apparently, you'll vote for anybody.

Romney and Huntsman would probably both do a good job. Romney would be pragmatic and would blow off the Tea Party as soon as it suited his purposes. What he lacks in conviction he makes up for as an effective executive.

Huntsman is running for 2016. I think he suspects a right wing GOP candidate will get whipped in '12 and he wants it to be his turn when the party returns to a semblance of sanity.