Thursday, July 28, 2011

Boehner Never Had the Votes

The President, Vice President, Pelosi, Reid and McConnell have all been wasting their time. Boehner could not deliver the House Republicans. As Obama said, there is nothing to which the GOP can say "yes". In a time of divided government, this is a problem.

Time for Boehner and Pelosi to get together with Reid and McConnell. A $4 trillion grand bargain just got a boost tonight. Boehner can't deliver the House GOP, but he can cobble together a majority with Pelosi. The Senate would quickly pass such a compromise bill.

Keep your fingers crossed.


Jim G. said...

He delivered the house votes...twice, Mr. Baxter.

And let's not forget the Ryan plan.

And President "O"? Nothing except a 0-97 loser.

Baxter said...

Boehner never had the votes to deliver what was being discussed at the adults table. He says he approved new revenues, but his caucus would never have supported that approach to deficit reduction.

The Ryan Plan is awful and would take 30 years to balance the budget. That said, I give credit to Ryan for putting it out there. I suspect he'll regret it in November '12.

Your 0-97 point is a good one politically, substantively not so much.