Friday, July 15, 2011

Al Gore 1992

Unemployment is up.  Personal income is down.  Bankruptcies are up.  Real wages are down.  The budget deficit is up.  Housing starts are down.  Fear is up.  Hope is down.  Everything that should be down is up; everything that should be up is down.


Baxter said...

And then they raised taxes in 1993 without one Republican vote. A balanced budget followed and then surpluses.

What happened after that? Bush was elected by SCOTUS, enjoyed a GOP Congress, cut taxes and doubled the national debt in eight short years. At least the tax cuts spurred job growth, right? NO! Net ZERO jobs in Bush's tenure.

Clinton/Gore grew 22 million jobs after raising taxes.

Facts is facts and they damn the GOP.

terry said...

Baxter is so right it is un argueable. What part of this does the good Doc disagree with, those nasty little facts.

Jim G. said...

terry you I.S.

that statement is also currently correct!

those damn facts

voting for who this time? Not the current up is down and down is up administration.

and last time they were lying, not now.