Monday, July 11, 2011


Not the sharpest knife in the drawer and usually way over his head, President Obama deserves kudos for the current political management of the budget/debt ceiling negotiation.
Mind you, I'm not saying he is willing to do anything to actually help the country, no, that would mean he is serious about limiting government expenditures, which would reduce our debt, forestall our bankruptcy and leave more money in the private sector to be efficiently managed to address current needs.
No, he is not doing that (he is saying that, but not doing that), he is doing good old fashioned triangulation, offering to significantly cut the budget (in concept), requiring only the small pittance of very real tax increases on the job creators.

He get's to pretend to hold the line on Nancy and out bid the GOP while actually not doing anything.

As we enter the third year of Obama, as he and his apologists, like Geithner (yesterday on MTP) and Baxter, continue to blame others (Bush, Wall Street, yesterday even...gasp us (we borrowed more than we could afford), one must ask....

What is up with this recovery? Every blasted previous recovery has been like a spring, with huge job and GDP growth. Perhaps, as some point, the oblivious will understand, then admit, that the problem is with Socialism, not the free market.

Doubt it.

Time will tell if this administration can convince the American voter that up is down and misery is normal, but that is their task. Not solving the problem, not, not engaging in class warfare, no, just winning reelection and moving further down the Social Justice road to Socialism.

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Baxter said...

The GOP is showing that they are not particularly concerned with the deficit and debt that they created. Keeping taxes at the lowest level in 60 years is the priority. They have no sense of moral decency.