Monday, July 25, 2011

Worst Congress Ever


Jim G. said...

Combined with a struggling economy, the contentiousness and dysfunction brought a dramatic backlash against the status quo in the midterm elections, resulting in huge Republican gains in November 2010.

Wonder why? Perhaps because the American people have had enough of bad legislation. The writer decries the lack of bipartisian legislation yet complements a government takeover of health care directed by just one party, not supported by the citizens.

As for now, Conservitives are insisting on dealing with the issue (the issue of our time, of our age) now. The leadership vacuum is located in the oval office.

Cut spending and balance the budget. Period.

Baxter said...

The system has utterly broken down and it bodes poorly for the country. There is no apparent path to resolution of serious political problems:

Gerrymandered, safe house districts that cause both sides to cater to their respective bases and ignore the middle.

The Senate Filibuster rule effectively requiring a super majority for most anything. That was not the case for the first 200 +/- years of the rule.

The cost of never ending campaigns means that our legislators spend the majority of their time raising money. There is, at a minimum, a serious appearance of corruption in the system.

For most of our history, our clunky political system created stability. These days, it is quite the opposite and trends suggest it will only get worse.