Tuesday, July 26, 2011


My father Vincent faced a real problem with four children growing up in Elgin, Illinois. He wanted us to go to Catholic schools. The free public schools was not an option with my father. So we had a family meeting, it seems we did that a lot in our family.
It was decided that our family vacation to Wisconsin was not needed and that money would go to pay tuition. When college( big expense) was brought up years later, cuts were not needed but income and cuts were needed, so Dad took a second job, working at the race tracks at night as a cashier, three night a week to pay for college for his kids. VERY SIMPLE cuts were not enough to help.
Any one who thinks this idea of cutting tax loopholes ( tax cuts given at a certain time for a certain reason) is really a Tax increase is just spinning words. Here is what the American people think is a tax increase raising the tax rate on people or corporations.

We were always in debt, car payments, mortgage, school loans, so debt was needed to survive, so this idea of a balanced budget every year is just stupid because American families don't have balanced budgets every year.
Balanced budgets are talked about every year by the party who is not in office and so one year it's a Republican idea next term it's a Democrat idea.
This idea of having this crises in the next six months right before an election really who is playing politics is not hard to answer it's the Republicans

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Jim G. said...

Ummm....Terry, thanks for making our point.

Let's see, your Dad went to work to raise revenue, he did not ask the race track owner to give a higher portion of his profits so that you could attend private school. If he did (via taxes), the race track owner likely would not have had the extra job to offer.

And Terry, NOW RESPOND TO THIS TERRY, what if your Dad's extra work was taxed at a higher level and he had to work an extra day, just to pay the taxes?

As to your family finances, I assume their debt was manageable, I mean there was a limit as to the debt, correct?

The tuition was not so high that your familty was borrowing 40% for than it took in each year correct?

But if it did, Terry, if your private school tuition was so high that your familty went into debt 40% more than it made year after year to the point were all of your Dad's work went towards paying the debt while still going further into debt and your Dad's extra work was taxed even higher.

So, Terry, how long would that last?