Saturday, July 23, 2011

Walk Away, Walk Away Renee

The old Four tops song "Walk Away Renee" you won't see me follow you home.
The "Let's Put Politics before Everything" party is at it again.

What part of negotiations don't you understand? It's like dealing with a bowl of Jello, yes Orange Man that is what negotiations are changing prodding, working adding this taking that.

You guys walked away from a Trillion Dollar cut, explain that to U. S. citizen. A plan that would have guided us for ten years.

The Bill:

Two Wars --------------------------------unpaid ( who starts two wars with a tax cut)
Drug bill for seniors----------------------- unpaid
tax cut------------------------ unpaid--- how we doing with that for job creation and prosperity

The Dem's have their problems also, but let's be real both sides have blame.


Baxter said...

Terry -

Both sides are not to blame. Though the Dems are certainly not perfect, our fiscal problems can be laid entirely at the doorstep of the GOP.

There is no useful purpose in sharing blame with those who have tax cut and spent us into $14T of debt. If we had President Gore rather than President Bush, we would have a small fraction of our current debt, if any debt at all.

Jim G. said...

arguing with childish fools

On MTP today..

2007 there were 2 wars are a drug benefit, the deficit was $150 B

Backed by backbone of the Tea Party, we are saying enough.

Since the 2006 election of a Democratic congress, the deficit has exploded.

Look in the mirror Terry, you voted for this mess.

You side wasted our tax dollars, your side has paralyzed our successful.

terry said...

I have no regrets about my vote for Obama. I just forgot how uncooperative the other party is really.
From the day Clinton was elected you tried everything to get him out. Try to impeach him over a BJ. Overturn an election!!!
Now over a birth certificate!!! My God what part of winning an election don't you guys understand?
Look let's get a Republican in as President and I give up, will just win the House and Senate, and hopefully the American people will win, unless of course the President has some grudge over something his father didn't settle.
By the way who is that next Republican candidate?
The only one the polls shows beating Obama is some Fanatasy Conglomeration guy.
When you put a name up they all fail.
Hard to find guys and gals that can live up to your straight not gay, evolution not, true American not an outsider standard.

Baxter said...

Terry, the last time we had an extended period of Republican monopoly rule, we had the Great Recession - the Bush Collapse.

The last time - prior to Bush - that we had an extended period of Republican monopoly rule, we had the Great Depression - the Hoover(R) Collapse.

Under no circumstances do we want Republican governance, unless one is rooting for yet another collapse.