Sunday, July 24, 2011

So I have a Russian couple who are my patients

The following article by Will is of course correct.  Last week, during an office visit, while discussing Obama, his policies and the economy, they both blurted out Gorbachev.  "He is a Gorbachev"!

Like Gorbachev, Obama is trying to support the unsustainable.  We have spent more than we have, more than we can tax AND THINGS ARE GOING TO GET WORSE!  One of the least discussed points of recent debate regarding our economic management is...we are going back into recession, the unemployment rate is going higher, the baby boomers continue to retire.  Just for a moment my Liberal/Progressive/Socialist brethren, consider that what the tea party less entitlement spending.  That is what we are arguing about.  And as our Republic stands at the brink, I ask those who are reasonable to hearken to the previous attempts of Conservatives to bring a smudge of fiscal sanity to the discussion and the L/P/S response that reducing the growth (not the size, the growth) of entitlement programs were "draconian" cuts.  Feel embarrassed?  No?  Oh I remember, you just deny the "bad" stuff.

Lastly to Baxter who...does not much need the truth...and drives debate; the point of blogging, and bloggers, away.

Job creation?  How about the unemployment rate of the Conservative years (about 5% or FULL) vs. 9% now?  How about the deficits under a Conservative (Republican) congress (94), vs the huge deficits under a L/P/S congress (06)?

And to be honest these are...just stuff.  The crux is we need our legislators to stand and say..."we can no longer afford such a large safety net"  that's it, that's all.  We don't need more taxes from the wealthy, at this point they are irrelevant.  All the opinion writers want compromise...just get along.  So what they want and are asking for is a delay in bankruptcy..that all.  Medicare is not sound and until we reengage the consumers, it will never be.  We can't pay for illegal immagrants...stuff.  We can't afford to bailout the states who are in bigger trouble (wait a moment!  Revivion here, those without Conservative Governors who are doing the hard work of fiscal sanity) with their defined benefit plans.

The fraud of Socialism is again on display.  Our President is trying jump in front of the parade and take credit in the solution of the problem he exacerbated (no he did not cause, however his party in their never ending search for social justice, class warfare and ENTITLEMENT did, for the past generation).


The debt-ceiling vote has demonstrated that Obama is, strictly speaking, unbelievable. Five months ago he submitted a budget that would have accelerated indebtedness and that the Democrat-controlled Senate rejected in May, 97-0. Just three months ago he was demanding a "clean" increase in the debt ceiling, containing nothing to slow the spending carousel. Now he calls for "the largest possible" debt-reduction deal. Today, he says "if you look at the numbers, then Medicare ... will run out of money and we will not be able to sustain that program no matter how much taxes go up." Last year he advertised ObamaCare as a sufficient reform of health care.

Obama vaguely promises to "look at" savings from entitlements because "we need to find trillions in savings over the next decade." But when McConnell learned that negotiations chaired by Vice President Joe Biden had identified a risible $2 billion in 2012 discretionary spending cuts, McConnell concluded that Obama's frugality pantomime required a response that will define the 2012 election choice.

Richard Miniter, a Forbes columnist, is right: "Obama is not the new FDR, but the new Gorbachev." Beneath the tattered banner of reactionary liberalism, Obama struggles to sustain a doomed system. Democrats' dependency agenda is buckling under an intractable contradiction: It is incompatible with economic growth sufficient to create enough wealth to feed the multiplying tax eaters.

Events are validating the tea partyers' arguments. Time is on their side -- but not on America's, unless the impediment to reform is removed in 16 months.


Baxter said...

Bloggers are "driven away" when they are frustrated at losing their arguments. They are not accustomed to being contradicted - particularly in their usual arena of political discussion - the golf course. They are are embarrassed as they lack a credible reply to reasoned arguments. Simply put, they are poor losers that would rather impeach the winners than reassess their losing positions.

Baxter said...

Lets compare unemployment rates, job growth, etc, between Clinton (D) and Bush (R). Comparisons between Bush and Obama are flawed since Bush inherited a strong economy with relatively little debt and handed Obama a collapsing economy and massive debt.

It is remarkable how economically successful Obama has been thus far when considering what he found in January, 2009.