Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Chris Christie wisely stuck to his guns and will not run for the top job in 2012. So then, who will be the next darling of this borderline party? Donald Trump was atop the GOP polls for some time, as was the half-term governor, Sarah Palin. Michelle Bachmann (who opposed raising the debt ceiling under any circumstances) had her time in the sun, though Herman Cain (who never served in public office) seems to have eclipsed her for the moment. Rick Perry, would-be-president of secessionist Texas has fallen as quickly as he rose the polls. Ron Paul, advocate of the gold standard, has won many GOP straw polls and Ryan-Plan-dissing Newt Gingrich has been declared the winner of a couple of the debates.

So - with such a distinguished field, who will "win" the nomination? Who will be the Republican standard bearer after such giants as John McCain, George W Bush and Bob Dole? Will it be Mitt Romney, a skilled technocrat who eschews constancy of opinion? Who else could it possibly be? Can Mitt win the presidency with a disconsolate Tea Party and uninspired GOP base? Will Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann launch a third-party candidacy under the Gadsden flag? Will the party that has moved ever further to the right be able to coalesce around anyone electable? Could things be much worse for the GOP under what should be promising circumstances?

Looks like 4 more years of President Obama. Thank God.


Jim G. said...

I hear whistling past the graveyard. It is a long way from here to there, but almost certainly one of the declared candidates will be the nominee.

Romney probably. Perry, caving with poor debate performances. Cain surprisingly strong, may have placed himself in line for commerce secretary.

One thing...Why are Republicans so bad at the big debates? I think they get over coached. Discussion for another post.

Baxter said...

The Republican's are so bad at debates because their material stinks. Democrats would do poorly too - if they had to espouse GOP policy positions.

Mark Chaney said...

Jim, get real we have no chance - this is over, Obama is so smart, such an incredibly deep resume', everything is going so well. How could he possibly lose?

Baxter said...

Because, Mark, the Republicans are the alternative. They made the mess and now they try to blame the guy who is cleaning it up.

Obviously, Palin and Christie (and Daniels, Barbour, Trump...) agree with your pessimistic analysis.

Mark Chaney said...

Oh you are exactly right, no question.

Eric Martin said...

President Romney is nobody's fool. He spend the money to get the economy back on its road to perdition. Reagan style! Yeah, baby.