Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Romney had yet another solid debate performance. Rick Perry looked small by comparison. The likeable Herman Cain was careful with his critical comments - he'd like to be on Romney's short list for VP.

Of course, I will be voting for Obama, but I am more impressed with Romney each time I see him. He is a man among boys (and girl) on the debate stage. Very presidential.


Eric Martin said...

Romney is getting better. He has a decent shot. His VP selection will be crazy man Darrell Issa.

terry said...

That debate is worth the price. Man it's amazing! Really there is Presidential timber in that group?
Don't forget 4 of the canidates were asked by God to run. Or to be more correct they asked God and he told them yes. Are you Sure? The minority tea party has ran away with common sense of the majority of the Republican party.

Baxter said...

Terry ~ I see your point. Mika Brzezinski complained this morning that Mitt had no one good to debate with. Of course, Jon Huntsman chose not to appear in Las Vegas, so it really was Romney + Freak Show.

Conservative Republican and former congressman Joe Scarborough lamented the "unprecedented" weakness of the GOP field. He believes that Perry, Cain and Bachmann have no business on the stage. He sees no real choice but Romney (and he is no fan of the former governor).