Sunday, October 9, 2011


The similarities between "OWS' movement and The Tea Party are too great to ignore Jim.
Both are grass roots movements to a perceived coziness between government and big business both are fueled by frustration and suffering created by economic hardships.
Both are populist responses
Both have gained some institutional support. The Tea Party is the Right Wing loonies, and the Occupy Wall Street is the left wing loonies.
The Republican response is so hypocritical that "they OWS " have no right to protest while I guess the Tea Party does is ridiculous.
The biggest lie of the Tea Party is they are " non partisan" that doesn't even pass the laugh test as they promote Republican candidates.
I for one believe the Wall street crooks who passed on misery to the middle of America need to face tight restrictions. (Legally of course)
It is not right to take my deposits and gamble with them on risky ventures. American's need to move our money to credit unions and get out of these crooked banks. Will we do so I doubt it.
Mortgages should not be able to be cut up and sold. If the Bank thinks your credit worthy than hold the mortgage.
When I buy a stock I believe it is going up and if it don't I lose.
But what do I know I'm just middle class America one of the 99%.


Baxter said...

Very insightful post. I have laughed out loud watching Tea Party darlings criticize the OWS's.

Both movements are populist, emotional and populated by "low information voters".

Jim G. said...

except it is not true, and how often you state as so

Jim G. said...

Let's contrast the two movements.

You find me evidence, not biased evidence that the tea party were low information voters. They were non violent, patriotic, carrying copies of the Constitution.

Contrast that with the idiots who are, as I write turning violent.

They want jobs, high paying jobs, and free everything.

They are an embarrasement, they are liberals

Show me the real sins of the Tea Party, show me where as you claim they want less government spending yet still want their benefits?

Smoke, and if those idiots on Wall Street represented the logical outcome of my beleif system, I would be embarrased too.

Baxter said...

Tea Party members are "low information voters". They get their news from Fox and talk radio. They think we are Taxed Enough Already when the relative tax bite is at a 60-year low and we have record deficits, thanks to the policies of the people they elected. 70% tell pollsters they do not want cuts to Medicare, Social Security or Defense. They are not a bright bunch. The math doesn't add up.

Intellectually, the OWS isn't much better. It is an emotional, populist movement and I welcome it as a counterweight to the aging Appalachians. People are just beginning to realize how stacked the deck has become against the middle class and they are pissed off. More to come.

Baxter said...

I guess the primary difference between the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street is weapons. The Tea Partiers would show up conspicuously carrying rifles, handguns and semi-automatic weapons. They would emphasize their armaments by carrying signs that talked of refreshing the tree of liberty with blood. 21st Century America - the right wing brings guns to political rallies! Wonderful.