Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Quick Exit for Perry?

Last night was another poor debate performance by the one time darling of the right, Rick Perry. He admitted as much at a fraternity house after the event saying, "Debates are not my strong suit." In the same talk, he noted that our founding fathers "fought the revolution in the 16th century." His deer-in-the-headlights appearance and well hidden intellect have already worn thin on the campaign trail. He is an embarrassment.

Personally, I hope he hangs in there and spends his war chest softening up Romney for the general election. To the extent that Mitt has to protect his right flank, it will benefit President Obama. It will create great video to insert into attack ads. The GOP establishment is well aware of this and must be troubled. As the likes of Chris Christie, Dennis Hastert, and Judd Gregg quickly endorse the front runner, won't the money guys soon follow? Won't Perry's own contributors warn him off now that his place in the sun has so quickly passed?

The Texas governor may well get out before the first primary. It's already shaping up as Obama/Biden vs Romney/Rubio, which would be a great race if they were the only ones on the ballot. I expect the Tea Party will have something to say about that.


terry said...

How can a minority group as the Tea Party is control the entire Republican party is beyond me Baxter? This travelling Pentacostal Tent called candidates will say anything to court their favor! They don't believe in evolution? Climate Change? Just cement your backyard and check the temperature change? It's unbelievable they are held hostage by a group of Right wing Bible thumpers.

Baxter said...

If Romney gets the nomination, that is a repudiation of the Tea Party. If they field a third party candidate that hands the election to Obama, they will move the GOP back towards the center for decades. The far right will again be rejected by both major parties.

Hopefully, our Tea Party friends will not figure this out until November 7, 2012.