Monday, May 2, 2011


Has is stuck anyone else as odd that there is a $1,000,000 "mansion" in Pakistan?  They must have never suffered through the housing bubble in old Packy.  How do they know?  In who's currency?

Mansion?  In Pakistan?  Surrounded by normal housing?      15 foot high walls.

It's just weird, bad reporting, manipulation for no apparent reason...something.

I will say this...looking at the crappy mattresses and furniture on the bloody videos, they over paid and need a decorator.

Hey Crazy Rich, I guess water boarding has its benefits, you out with your protest sign today?

Flushing his body was a good idea, no mess, no fuss....done.


Baxter said...

Everything's relative, Doc. Three of the world's most expensive cities (per Mercer) are third world capitols, with Luanda, Angola at the top.

At least they weren't misusing words like "Socialist" and "Marxist." Perhaps there is no agenda, just reporting on the run.

Jim G. said...

Crazy Rich writes:

Silly Jim-

Actually I thought Obama took too much credit…3 billion for Pakistan next year…70% of them hate Americans

Maybe the cash could better spent at home

Give our boys….Seals and Techies credit