Sunday, May 1, 2011

Yes, the Adults are In Charge

Osama bin Laden Dead - USA Has the Body

831 Days into President Obama's First Term.


Mark Chaney said...

An incredible warrior!

Jim G. said...

He gave a good speech and it is a good thing.

He still can't get away from the "I" word even when thanking our warriors who carried out this operation for which he contributed little (seriously Baxter, are you trying to argue that because Obama was President, that is why team found him?)

His death is less relavent now than it would have been just a few years ago. Economic malaise has out grown terrorism as the issue of the day.
Can we expect attacks? Hope not, and as much as the Libs will adore their warrior, they better make sure there is no retaliation.

Baxter said...

Glad to see you are back, Mark. Your comment made me laugh out loud. Stick around!

Jimmy - I absolutely believe that Obama gets credit here. Of course. Who doubled up on the drone attacks? Who effectively massaged the ISI, even when the headlines were full of the USA/Pakistani breach. Who ordered the attack? We have a tremendous commander in chief.

Osama's death is huuuuuge. It is a game changer. Our street cred in the Middle East is set to rise right when we can really use it - the Arab Spring, rapprochement between Hamas & Fatah, ending the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan/Pakistan.

Maybe we'll be able to get real deficit reduction on track soon - ala Simpson/Bowles - with the right track/wrong direction pop we will see in the polls. Intransigence might hot play so well as we raise the debt ceiling.