Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The right is wrong.

President Obama is the worst President of our lifetime.  He is attempting to turn America into a Socialist state.  He is ruining the economy, so that he may offer future "cures" which, like the "stimulus", will not work, put us more into debt and require move government intervention so that we may institute more "social justice' to bring equality (a lower equality, but equality) for everyone.  His wife wants young people to "serve" rather that make money, he wants to "spread the wealth around".  He is terrible.

However, he did the right thing by OBL, pretty much right down the line.  The right wishes to fault him for...Lot's of things...communication, burial,  Bull!.  Like the silly "birther" issue, this just distracts from is economic sinister incompetence. 

He needs to go, and should be egg faced because time has demonstrated all the Bush policies that he protested to be correct (and still used under his administration), but not for the particulars of killing a terrorist.


Baxter said...

My goodness, someone has been sucked in by fiercely paranoid rhetoric. Of course, we have all learned that those who watch Fox News are misinformed. The more they watch it, the more screwed up their view of reality.

For whatever it is worth, I never questioned the motives of Bush, Cheney or even Nixon. Doc just sung from Rush & Glenn Beck's songbook, which I find particularly sad. It certainly is not thoughtful or well reasoned.

Obama saved the economy from the Bush economic collapse. Who created this mess? Who had the monopoly on power? Answer: the same people that had a monopoly on power prior to the Great Depression.

What policies of Bush were proved correct? Rumsfeld denied that "harsh interrogation" played a role. McCain echoed Rummy. I'm just glad that Obama was able to do in two years what Bush was unable to do in seven. We are all safer thanks to President Obama.

Eric Martin said...

If you print this post, place it in a stamped envelope and send it to:

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20500

They will send you a nice letter, thanking you, with the President of the United States' signature printed right on the letter! (Plus, if you mention there are school aged children in your home, they will send you a photo as well.)