Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What Does NY-26 Mean?

The Doc said that last night's drubbing might mean nothing. That is possible, and I hope that is the lesson that the GOP takes from NY-26. There are 17 months before the election - plenty of time to adjust policies and trim sails. Or, you can double down, which appears to be the approach that the Republicans will be taking.

This is a catastrophe for the GOP. The House Republicans are already on record supporting the Ryan Plan. Most of the Senate Republicans soon will be. All of the GOP presidential candidates must pay homage to the plan, more or less - just ask Newt. So what's the problem? 80% of Americans hate the plan. 70% of Tea Partiers, for crying out loud, oppose the plan. Those are huge numbers.

So, my Republican friends, please stick with Mr Ryan and his plan. I'll watch from the deck as you walk the plank.

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