Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thank you Democrats!

Yesterday, as the country went, billions by the hour, further into debt, with the federal government spending 40% more than it took in, Democrats again stood against any realistic spending reform.

"We just need to raise taxes on the rich, that will fix everything" said Democratic spokesman Baxter.  When a reporter pointed out that doing so would not even begin to fix the problem he replied, "we never miss an opportunity to put party before country-GO BIG BLUE".

When asked about their plans for controlling the ever expanding budget, Baxter said "Why worry?  This is just a great opportunity to make political points by describing ANY minor cuts as draconian.  We have a formula and we are sticking to it, we promise to take care of voters with money we don't have and they take care of us at election time".  "Granted at some point the Ponzi scheme will end, but until then...let's rock"!

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Baxter said...

Doc, you shouldn't need to "fib" to make a point! I have said - for years - that we need to significantly raise taxes and not just on the rich. The reversal of the Bush tax cuts would cut our deficit in half, but it would raise taxes on everybody.

The GOP's opposition to raising taxes is all about putting the party before the country. We have a revenue problem and their response is repetition of the Big Lie that we don't. 14.9%, baby; George W Bush and his voters must be very proud...

When have I ever said "Why worry?" I'm the guy that wants to balance the budget sooner rather than later and then pay down the debt. I support Simpson/Bowles as the best option right now, but it is merely a start. I am the reasonable person, who recognizes we will clean up our mess with new revenues and spending cuts. Not just one or the other.

Finally, THANK YOU DEMOCRATS for holding the line on the deficit. Despite inheriting an economic collapse, Obama actually reduced the red ink his first full year. This year it will increase 15% +/-, while Reagan and Bush both EXPLODED the debt upon taking office. Had Obama followed suit, we would have annual deficits exceeding $4 trillion. Again, THANK YOU DEMOCRATS and PRESIDENT OBAMA!