Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Jews, the Blacks, the Bankers, the one percent.

In times of trouble, demagogues have always been able to blame the ill on "groups"  The simple minded will always follow their lies and falsehoods.

Now we have a group of entitled who think they deserve a lifestyle, deserve a job, and blame the producers for their ills when they have contributed nothing.

Hitler grew out of such circumstance.  The fools on the left will listen to our President blame us, blame Wall Street.  Blame those not paying their fair share, when it is apparent they are paying the whole bill.

Why?  Absolute power corrupts, always has, always will.  A freedom agenda takes courage, a courage President Obama does not know.

We survived Teddy Roosevelt, but that was a different time.  Is out President leading us to "education camps"?  Can violence be far behind?  It will certainly be "community organized"

Help us.


Eric Martin said...

I keep trying to automatically delete any email messages with the word "Hitler", but they keep ending up in my INBOX. In the future would you please underline, capitalize, or italicize the word "Hitler" so that the message is identified and automatically transferred to the 'Delete-Forever' Box. Many thanks! Eric

Baxter said...

Such paranoid babbling on the right is exactly what brought the Third Reich to power. The fascist movement is a right wing movement and it seeds can clearly be seen in some Tea Party posters, paranoid rhetoric, and hate filled demagoguery.