Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I would love to have Ron Paul taken seriously by the Republican Party. He states his beliefs clearly without equivocation, and given how quickly Mr. Romney and Mr. Gingrich change their positions, a threat from Ron Paul might even get these two men to see the wisdom in supporting a big cut in defense spending. And I would love to hear the two give reasons to do away with the fed in response to Mr. Paul's insistent that it be demolished.


Baxter said...

Romney will be the GOP nominee and Ron Paul will run as a third party/Tea Party candidate in the general election. Paul has a very loyal base and they do not see a lot of light between Romney and Obama.

Jim G. said...

Everyone of the Republican candidates would be an improvement over "O".

We are spending money we do not have, we cannot tax our way out of the mess mostly created by "O".

Yes, it is easy to be Ron Paul and talk about eliminating departments (he is right) but the Liberals...your side Terry, will show video of any such candidate throwing Grandma off the bus.

We are spending money we do not have, Europe is just a few steps ahead, social unrest is developing as your President fosters class warfare.

Ashamed you are? Says Yoda.

terry said...

The people who spent money they did not have also were the Bush war boys. The debate last night was scary how quickly they want to get back to WAR. Iran has a nuclear missile, big deal during the cold war we had thousands pointed at us, Ron Paul is so right scare the people and they will vote for you. It's ridiculous!! If it wasn't so sad!

Baxter said...

Ron Paul and his Libertarian philosophy bump up against a pretty low ceiling. His anti-Fed ramblings ignore the fact that no Western nation operates without a central bank. He advocates elimination of highly popular programs (even Tea Partiers want to maintain Social Security and Medicare). Finally - his insistence that Iran is not developing a nuclear bomb suggests blind loyalty to his philosophy over the rather obvious facts.