Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Somewhere in America there are some old-school republican­s who weep at what their party has become. But we can't hear them.
Newt having judges arrested if you don't like their rulings, suggesting the military should be under the command of it's Generals rather than the President.
Doesn't the Tea party know what "WE the people mean"
They are like of bunch of badgers tearing at each other in these final days. Newt like a man walking around with a live granade holding the pin saying " Watch this".
It's like Jeffrey Dahmer calling John Wayne Gacy a sicko! I LOVE IT!!!

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Baxter said...

Its WAY OVER THE TOP. Newt has talked for years about ignoring federal judges and finally it gets play. Perhaps, because he is actually advocating their arrest. What part of co-equal branches doesn't he understand?

Roughly 20% of the country - all of whom are in the GOP - would be very comfortable with a dictatorship of the right. Their reverence for the constitution is phony - they only bring it up when they are losing votes in Congress.