Sunday, December 18, 2011


WASHINGTON: South Carolina state's Indian American governor Nikki Haley's endorsement of front runner Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney is threatening her own support at home.

Former Massachusetts governor Romney's campaign is using Haley's endorsement to build his acceptance among the tea-party base that's never been comfortable with his candidacy, especially in a state where former House speaker Newt Gingrich has been running even stronger than elsewhere, the influential Washington newspaper Politico said.

But the people in that base who propelled Haley to the governor's mansion last year see the endorsement of the more moderate Romney as abandoning them - and giving them another reason to turn away from a governor whose approval rating has dropped to 34.6 percent, the daily focusing on politics said.

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Baxter said...

Absent a Tea Party candidacy such as Ron Paul, Mitt gives the GOP it's best shot at winning the White House. A pragmatic centrist at heart, he'd probably do a pretty good job.

Unfortunately for Mitt and his minions, that isn't going to happen. There will be a third party candidate who will pull at least 5 points from the Republican candidate and Obama will get four more years. The right may be rewarded, however, as that third party may deliver GOP votes for Congress. We may actually end up more polarized in 2013 than we are now.