Sunday, December 18, 2011


Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney cast himself as a tea party-friendly candidate–and took a swipe at opponent Newt Gingrich–in a campaign swing through South Carolina on Saturday. “I line up pretty darn well with tea partiers,” the GOP presidential hopeful said in a press conference Saturday.

Polls show that Mr. Gingrich is viewed more favorably by tea-party supporters than is Mr. Romney, but  Ms. Haley made a push for tea-party support on Mr. Romney’s behalf. “I think the tea party will take their time and analyze him appropriately,” she said. “I know that his answers will make them feel good at the end.”
The most important priorities for tea-party supporters, she said, are keeping Washington out of their hair and putting tax dollars back in their pockets.
Mr. Romney detailed his plan to cut government spending while increasing investment in military operations.
Mr. Romney faces a tough slog in South Carolina, where he has spent little time campaigning until now. Mr. Gingrich has held a large lead in polls of the state, which Mr. Romney acknowledged Saturday.

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