Saturday, December 31, 2011

Terry's thoughts at the end of the Year.

Our taxes were never hiked to pay for the outlandish costs of invading a country which never attacked us. Our fighting men and women and thousands of reservists pulled from mainly small town America and middle class homes primarily in the service so they could get an education and a better life, were the only ones called on to sacrifice.

The awful quote by Bush after 9/11 "go shopping" rings in my ear as 4,487 U.S. service members were killed in Iraq.

I read recently when the American Flag was lowered for the last time in Baghdad no Iraq officials bothered to show up instead crowds celebrated with banners decorated with burning American Humvees. So much for Dick Cheney we will be received as hero's.

No wonder when over 100,000 thousand civilians died during the war. There will be no ticker tape parade down Wall Street for these men and women who died in a war of choice. A war of choice in which no Senator's kids or Congressman's kids participated in it. Like Cheney I guess they were too busy at the time.

The war mongering is already starting in the debates for "intervention in Iran" If our leaders in Congress believe that we are prepared to defend Israel with the bodies of our sons and daughters they are deluded. Israel's existence is not essential to us. No American has ever heard a full explanation for why we have a "special relationship" with Israel.

We may begin our next military misadventure long before the tab for this one is fully paid for, if we believe the Republican Party Candidates.

Happy New Year


Baxter said...

Never before in history had a nation cut taxes as they headed into two wars. FDR raised taxes to pay for WWII and that's just what he did. Our debt from that war was all but paid in 15 years thanks to FDR, Truman and Ike. They built and maintained a tax structure to pay our bills.

Where is the shared sacrifice? Our most affluent get massive tax breaks while the (disproportionately) working poor go off to fight and die in our war.

Go shopping, indeed!

terry said...

It's amazing Baxter how many republican's are now calling themselves independents because they know they can't defend Bush and the right wing evangelicans who are just plain wrong. Small town America with it's young sons signed up after 9/11 and went to war believing our leaders democrats and republicans alike had the answer Iraq was our enemy. The best and brightest as once was said during Vietnam our gone now, and it is really wrong. When are we going to question our leaders about that.