Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Romney made 45 million in two years without a job, this is a man who knows how to make money and not work. Of course he was "taxed" on that money before as he says corporate tax is 30% but of course they have both sides of that argument corporate tax is passed on to the consumer so let's lower it for the consumer's benefit, but when they see it as their tax then let's lower it for them. I'm confused! And I have said many times the corporate tax is always lower than advertised because of loopholes and attorneys finding "ways".
What bothers me the most is Romney's statements "And Not A Penny More" really!( I would like a President who would donate his salary to the deficit, but hey thats just me). and" I will release when I am ready in April" and then somehow has it ready the next day. You talk about Obama's arrogance! Romney has it in spades.


terry said...

.”..just have the hand out and let the government fill it u” I’m tired of you conservatives telling me what you think I mean. I do not subscribe to hand out just for the record. What ”hard work” did Romney do these last two years? He was unemployed? He lived off his investments great I have no problem with that, I have a problem with a concept called getting paid by bain capital as something called “earned interest” and being taxed at 15% on that money. Look up the “earned interest” tax !
What money did Romney lose when they invested in a bad company and it did not pay out for them, where is the risk?? Or as you say he took a chance what chance?? Look this is not class warefare no matter how you try to paint it. Let’s agree in general as we always have that the tax code needs reforming I agree. Invest in America should be taxed less than regular paycheck I’m okay with that, but saying you run a hedge fund and all your income is taxed at 15% while your secretary is paying more than something doesn’t smell right.
Your flat tax or fair tax sounds better to me than all the other malarkey

terry said...

Among other things, Romney would leave intact so-called carried interest, an unjustified break that enables some investors to transmogrify highly taxed standard income into lowly taxed capital gains. He had $7 million of carried interest in 2010, lowering his bill by a couple of mil.

Sorry! my early post said "earned interest" I meant "Carried Interest"

Baxter said...

Romney has crystalized the Democratic argument. He paid 13.9% tax without working while the middle class work five days a week (if they have a job) and most pay over 20%. Its been said Mitt "looks like the guy who fired your dad." The GOP narrative - whatever it is - has been lost in the cries for tax fairness and imposition of the "Buffett Rule".

Polls wax and wane and the Republicans will have some time in the sun over the next ten months. That said, it looks more and more like an Obama re-election, a Democratic House and retention of the Democratic Senate. Freshmen House members are being asked to support policies that the American people find untenable. If they are not in a safe seat, they will not be coming back.