Sunday, January 8, 2012

Romney's electability

Newt Gingrich isn’t right about much. But he’s onto something about Mitt Romney’s weaknesses as the GOP candidate. Gingrich has been saying that the idea that Romney is electable is “just silly”: “I find it amazing the news media continues to say he is the most electable Republican when he can't even break out in his own party. But the fact is that Gov. Romney in the end has a very limited appeal in a conservative party.” There are ways in which Romney is the least electable of the remaining plausible candidates. These issues, all having to do with economics (the country’s and Romney’s own), surfaced this week, and assuming he is the nominee, they’ll get plenty of air time between now and November.


terry said...

Romney will not release his tax returns. Why he won’t is a matter of speculation, but it seems a reasonable guess that he doesn’t want people to see what he’s been still making off of his earlier work at Bain Capital (remember, he’s been “unemployed” for a few years now), and he doesn’t want them to see that he’s been paying tax on this income at a rate of 15 percent rather than 35 percent. Last October, Michael Scherer of Time reported that the Romneys made somewhere between (love the size of these categories!) $6.6 million and $40 million—the vast majority of it in capital gains, which are taxed at 15 percent. A couple earning together around $100,000 in straight salary almost certainly pays a higher effective rate than the Romneys.

Baxter said...

Terry - you are right. Mitt isn't releasing his returns because he is understandably embarrassed that he is paying a lower rate than his prospective voters.

That said, I think Romney can get a lot of the independents, which is where this race will be won. Absent a Tea Party/Third Party candidate in the race, Mitt will be formidable.

Hard core conservatives will gladly vote Romney over Obama and few will stay home.

Jim G. said...

T you remain an I.S.

The person out of touch with our country is the current President who is attempting to turn us into another failed European state.

Romney has his draw backs for sure, but unless I run, I doubt I will totally agree with any politician.

What impressed me, was the endorsement of Nikki Haley, Gov. S.C., a former TEA party candidate who noted that what ever Romney touches gets better, MA, the Olympics, Bain.