Saturday, January 28, 2012


Gingrich is not the first prominent Republican to talk about going to the moon. In fact, George W. Bush made a little-known promise in 2004 to try to send a manned expedition back to the moon.
According to Bush, part of the appeal of going there was that lunar “soil contains raw materials that might be harvested and processed into rocket fuel or breathable air.” Needless to say, not much progress has since been made on humans being able to breathe moon dirt, and it did not come up as a significant issue afterward in Bush’s reelection campaign.


terry said...

The MOON COLONY MAN Is deflating faster than a Macy's parade balloon. The great RIGHT HOPE is Romney!

Anonymous said...

Let's take a look at that moon colony proposal.


No Air to breathe? Check

No Water to drink? Check

Soil to grow things? umm, well possibly, if you can pulverize moon rocks and mix it with plenty of nitrogen and figure out how to extract air and water from moon rocks.

Oh and umm, a launch vehicle. Well I guess we could rent space on a Russian ship though lately a lot of their stuff seems to be falling out of the sky.

If Gingrich wants to go to the moon, who are we to stop him? I'd even be willing to give him one of the first seats with a big picture window so he doesn't miss anything during the ride.

Seriously, Newt, the Moon needs people of your caliber and abilities.