Thursday, January 5, 2012


As many of you who follow the blog know, I have been a supporter of Obama. But while many of you may think that my support of him is without reservation, think again.

Having listened to many very smart BUSINESS MEN, who believe his policy's are harmful to our economy I have to question my support. Can I be so sure of my position or am I using my liberal position on social issues ( abortion and gay marriage), and BLINDLY missing the big picture on economic issues (jobs) and which is really more important?

So here is my problem, see if those on the blog can help me with.

I BELIEVE-- If Obama veto's the pipeline-- that's not good for America, and is pandering to get votes from environmentalists, and would lead me to vote for a Republican.

I BELIEVE--Obama is speaking class warfare, (raise taxes on all of us not just the rich,) and leads me to vote Republican.

I BELIEVE--We need to cut government size, too much waste unarguable. Vote Republican

I BELIEVE-- Republicans use fear as a weapon to get people to vote for them. Vote Democrat

I BELIEVE-- Republicans want to go to war with Iran, don't want to cut defense. Vote Democrat.

Remember Reagan dropped bombs and invaded Granada a country smaller that Martha's Vineyard, and Bush invaded a country that did not attack us for the first time in our history.

Hundreds of thousands real people who had nothing to do with the twin tower's collapse lost their lives simply because they lived in a country who got in our way. Granada why?

So my problem is simple elect a Republican who will not cut defense, start another war or elect a Democrat who simply is in over his head on how to grow the economy!

Where is the candidate who does not want us to be a warrior nation and helps the middle class gain dignity with a good paying job and does not believe in trickle down economics?

Ron Paul is making more sense every time I hear him. But he has no chance.

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