Monday, January 9, 2012

Our debt has now eclipsed our GDP.

And the Progressive explanation?  The reason?  The rich.

Why yes....the reason we are so broke is because of the rich...despite the FACT that taking ALL of their money would not make a wit of a rich must be the cause.

Not runaway entitlement spending, not irrational environmental disruption of business, no...the rich.

If only we could screw the rich, take more of their money, PUNISH THEM.   Our GPD would be greater than our debt.

Let's have an election on that idea....hopefully the idiots stay home.


Baxter said...

What silly post. I've never blamed the rich for our massive debt. I blame Ronald Reagan, George W Bush and their supply side tax policies.

If we had maintained Clinton's tax structure and spending policies, we would be nearly out of debt by now. If we let Bush tax cuts expire next year, we will narrow the ten-year deficit projections by $6 trillion - 50% more than the Simpson Bowles plan.

Jim G. said...

So occupy wall street is what again? 1% is regarding what?
Terry and your rant about Romney is regarding what?

and no we would not...prove guy broke the bank.

Baxter said...

Au contraire, Doc. Whats to prove? My guy - Clinton - raised taxes without one Republican vote and brought in 20%/GDP in taxes. Your guy - Bush - cut taxes and then cut them some more and brought revenues down to 15%/GDP.

My guy - Obama - arrested the deficit and rescued the economy. You thought he would inherit a $1.4 trillion deficit and he would balance the budget while fighting off the Great Depression II? Sounds like something Hoover (R) might try. Oh, thats right - he did!