Friday, April 1, 2011

Impeach him

The President has now committed an impeachable act by violating the War Powers Act. We have all seen the clip of Joe Biden talking about President Bush. But Bush went to Congress for their approval before we went into Iraq. Here we are with boots on the ground in Libya just like Vietnam started. Don't even tell me about NATO. Who do you think is NATO is and who pays for the majority of NATO's costs?

Why are we really in Libya? You think it's because they have lots of OIL? Remember all of the Left ranting about Blood for OIL! What hypocrisy. The left is so intellectually dishonest that it is mind blowing.

Now they are discussing sending weapons in to help the rebels. Will we never learn? How many of those weapons will be turned against our young men and women in the future? On top of it this administration might be about to commit a criminal act by sending arms to terrorists.

I am not afraid to admit that we might of made a mistake in going into Iraq. Now we are engaged in spending even more money in another venture that is already starting to smell. We just cannot afford to do this at this time. Obama's reasons are just BS as far as I am concerned. The humanitarian reason just doesn't cut it because there are Dictators slaughtering their own people in many different countries and we are not involved there. Then I heard this garbage about a UN resolution. The same people who were criticizing Bush for Iraq when there were tons of UN resolutions are now using this to defend Obama. Hypocrites. They must have forgotten that there is an internet where all of their hypocrisies are memorialized.

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Baxter said...

Of course you want to impeach him! He's a Democrat! Thats what right wing sore losers do, right?

The Democrats have won the popular vote in 4 of the past 5 presidential elections. Nonetheless, the Lunatic Fringe is well populated on the right, and they are not able to accept the consequences of elections. They impeached WJC for lying about bl** jobs. They invent and repeat paranoid conspiracy theories about our current president. Apparently, the fringe of the Lunatic Fringe now wants to impeach him.

The next Democratic president (probably Hillary) will be dogged by the same bullsh**. And the next one. And so it goes...