Thursday, April 7, 2011

The incompetence and dishonesty of Democrats

Perhaps the most surreal moment in the budget crisis came when Harry Reid said, concerning Republican efforts to pass another temporary measure, “they’ll say it’s short-term but what that really means is it’s a short-cut around doing our jobs. Instead of solving problems, they’re stalling. They’re procrastinating. That’s not just bad policy, it’s a fantasy.”

Reid, of course, belongs to the party that couldn’t produce a budget despite years of total control in both houses of Congress. Is he out of his mind to suggest the Republicans are somehow “procrastinating” because they haven’t corrected The Democrat's dereliction of duty yet?

What a total joke! Total lack of leadership from the Democratic party. From Obammessiah through Harry Reid through Nancy Pelosi. They had complete control of both houses of Congress and the Presidency and they couldn't pass a budget. Now it is up to the Republicans to clean up their gigantic mess?

Shame on them and shame on anyone who votes for these incompetent politicians. This country is in huge trouble because there are enough entitlement vampires sucking the marrow out of the bones of this countries economy to weaken us to the point that we will never overcome the hole that this President is digging. Yet these people who live to suck more out of the system aren't intelligent enough to see what this behavior is going to lead to. Just kick the can down the road and let our young fall on the sword.

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