Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The worst AG ever

Again AG Holder demonstrated that he is the worst Attorney General ever with his little public hissy fit regarding having to try the terrorists using a military tribunal. The estimate of the cost for the show trial if it were held in Manhattan is 800 million. I guess it is not Holder's money so it would be fine in his opinion to spend it so that he would be a larger than life figure in the history books. Believe me the history books will remember him for having the most politicized justice department in history. We will always remember the miscarriage of justice involving the refusal to try the Black Panthers who were clearly guilty just because they are black. He just keeps saying and doing the most unbelievably stupid things. You know what they say about being able to determine someones intelligence by who they choose to be around them. Well the choice of Holder as AG clearly demonstrates that our President is clueless.

Remember he is also responsible for all the ground work for when Clinton pardoned Marc Rich.

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