Thursday, April 14, 2011


Remember when teachers, firefighters,cops,and other public employees, Planned Parenthood, NPR, and PBS crashed the stock market, and wiped out our 401K's and took trillions in TARP money , and Oh I forgot spilled oil in the Gulf, and gave themselves million plus bonuses, and PAID NO TAXES, Yeah me neither!


Baxter said...

God bless you, Terry!

Hags said...

I do remember when teachers, cops and firefighters were underpaid. Not now.

To pretend that public sector unions did not and do not have a hand in the current financial crisis is beyond naive.

Terry, you know I love your tender heart, but please stay grounded in the real world. We cannot afford people who want to work 30 years (and sometimes 20 years) and then have a free ride for the rest of their lives. We cannot afford pension plans based on the last year's total earnings when employees then pile on the overtime to create outlandish pensions. We cannot afford people who work their 20 or 30 years, retire, and then go get another government job and build yet another pension.

Don't paint theses people as victims. I know you want to help those truly in need. So do I. But you don't help those truly in need by endorsing public sector employees who have become hogs at the trough.

Reform is required. Blind compassion is not helpful.

All the best,


Baxter said...

Hags -

Don't blame the unions - blame the contracts under which they are employed. Contracts that have negotiated and accepted by all relevant parties.

Don't blame unions for asking for the world. Taking care of the workers is their role. Blame the officeholders who have agreed to over-market contracts at taxpayer expense. It is they who have fallen down if, in fact, the contracts are overly generous.

In Arizona, the average state trooper apparently makes $39,000/yr and they are going to get budget cutting pay cuts. I know teachers that have been working 20+ years and make less than $60K/yr. I don't know that your premise is correct, Mike. Public employees are not getting rich, though they are able to collect a pension too early by today's standards.

terry said...

Well said Baxter.
Why is it that we blame the people who took pay cuts through the years for job security and after work benefits.
They could not have given themselves those benny's.
I agree we need to look into contract negotiations with no losing side, but don't blame the blameless.

Hags "outlandish pensions" really!!! I can show you some 'OUTLANDISH PENSIONS"

Jim G. said...

Terry, debating with you is like depating with an emotion.

The financial crisis? Caused by over agressive lending according to rules set up by the Government. It was NOT caused by institutions, they just played the game by the rules the Government set. The blame, squarely on those who set up those stupid rules and on citizens who borrowed more than they could afford.

But, the above is all nice (and accurate) but, Terry, that has nothing to do with Government employee pensions (emotions are shapeless and change), which were accurately discribed by Hags.

Rant away, several topics at a time...I guess