Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Republican Path to Prosperity

The immediate plan is to hurt the poor quickly, by cutting food stamps, Pell grants, slash medicare, and medicaid, ensure the safety net for poor Americans does not become a hammock for their lives to become complacent and dependent. Deny food and health care for the neediest. In short balance the budget on the people who did nothing to create the debt. Reward the rich immediatly by cutting their taxes. Reward those who carry the water, not those who drink the water. After all the rhetoric it's simple to solve the problem of the debt. Let's count on the rich to pull us out of this mess! Who are these rich people who have this overwhelming civic responsibility? Angelo Marzilo ( Countrywide Crook), David Sokol (Berkshire Hathaway crook) Franklin Raines ( Fannie Mae dupe) Al Hacksaw Dunlap ( Led Sunbeam to Bankruptcy) Dick Fluid ( Led Lehman Brothers to Bankruptcy) James Cayne ( Bear Stearns Bridge Player) Jack Grubman ( Bear Stearns Banned from Wall street) Joseph Cassano ( AIG duped investors) Fred Joseph (Insider trader from Drexel Burnham) Stan O'Neal ( Merrill Lynch subprime genius who lost 8 billion for Merrill Lynch) Enough Jim, you say I get the point. I'll take the working stiff everyday, who goes to work looks out for his neighbor, plays by the rules, and doesn't shirk paying taxes because he knows America is the greatest place on earth. Balance the budget on somebody else Jim.


Baxter said...

Don't worry, Terry, the GOP has been engaged. Obama was wonderful today. Frankly - I wish his plan called for a balanced budget in 6 - 8 years, with the additional revenue coming straight from the "rich". It wouldn't be realistic - truly balancing the budget will cost all of us - but it would be great politics and a good place from which to negotiate.

Jim G. said...

So Terry? Want to balance the budget only by taxing the rich? No entitlement reform at all? How do you think that is going to work?