Monday, February 21, 2011

Is Wisconsin the Great GOP Overreach?

The current events in Wisconsin blow my mind. I agree with most (if not all) on this board - we need to reign in government spending at all levels. I support most of Chris Christie's efforts in New Jersey. However - I consider collective bargaining for one's labor to be a basic human right. An employee must have a voice. I understand the need of states to reduce outlays by reducing hours worked, wages, benefits and work rules. That said, it must be done at the bargaining table. Governors hold a very strong hand in such discussions - just ask New Jersey's public unions.

Has it come to this? Do we tell our teachers and other public servants how it is going to be and their only recourse is to find employment elsewhere? Thanks for their years doing the people's work but we'd rather not have their input? Is this what "freedom" means in the Republican lexicon?

It seems to me that this could be a Gingrichesque overreach. It is grossly unfair and downright un-American. I expect that many wage-earners will make a point of visiting the polls at their next opportunity.

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Eric Martin said...

I'm with the governor of Wisconsin on this one.