Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Time for a little concern

Subject: Interesting financial interrogation

If this is genuine, it is the most worrying sign yet of what the future holds for the financial well being of the Western World.

Watch then prepare to tighten your belt!!



Baxter said...

Al -

Stick to the New York Times or Arizona Republic. The Daily Bail is a paranoid site that offers no credibility. They are the descendants of the folks that complained about the Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations in days yonder. Nutty Cuckoo.

Eric Martin said...

OK. So $9 Trillion would be the sum of all the overnight transactions over some period.

riegels rant said...

Apparently you did not watch the video...a child of 4 could tell that the lady had no idea what the hell was going on and where the money was spent or where the money was...forget the New York Times and the Daily Bail...the prof is in the interview with the dip shit lady

Jim G. said...

Baxter, you have an amazing ability to attack the messenger.

The point is not whether the Daily Bail is worthy, it is a video for God's sake.

But...yes Mr. Grayson, now unemployed, Liberal lion cub, like all liberals asks misleading questions on a non relevant topic.

The chick doint the whispering is hot, don't you think?

Eric Martin said...

These comments are poor.

And I've heard better English spoken in a Dublin pub at 2 AM.

Just embarrassing to read.