Thursday, February 3, 2011

Russell Pearce the Man of Honor

Russell Pearce would likely have a criminal record like his son if he hadn't struck a deal. After bouncing around in several state jobs, Pearce ended up as Director of the Motor Vehicle Division in 1995.
After less than four years at MVD he was fired in 1999 for tampering with state files (as was his son, Joshua, who pled guilty). Pearce falsified a woman’s driving record, erasing a DUI, and Transportation Director Mary Peters, a prominent Republican who later served as Bush’s Secretary of Transportation, canned him.
The only reason he does not have a blotch on his record is that Peters chose not to prosecute if he quit.
Pearce said he was “cleared," but Peters told the Arizona Republic: “There’s a big difference between being cleared and choosing not to file criminal charges” (Aug 21, 1999). Russell Pearce first wife filed domestic abuse charges in support of her divorce claiming he put his hands around her neck and began chockinh her during an argument. This is some man of honor!


Baxter said...

Sadly, Pearce is the "sensible center" of today's GOP. He has helped return Arizona to the status of a laughing stock. The efforts of many - including Symington III - have been washed away by this Mesa Mensan.

Jim G. said...

What is a Mensan?

What does this have to do with illegal immigration is beyond me.

Baxter said...

"Mensan" was a sarcastic comment referring to a member of Mensa, the "genius club". (We have at least one member of that organization contributing to this blog)

Russell Pearce is today's Evan Mecham - only he is more effective.