Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Only Obama could go to China

Actually is was Nixon, however the point is the same. There is a historic opportunity to address entitlement reform and our budget deficit. Just like the right would have never trusted a Dove to open relations with China, the left would never trust a Conservative to deal with this, the issue of our generation.

Clinton ushered in Welfare reform. Obama could truly deal with the budget and glide to reelection.

Our Liberal brethren are wrong. The Government just spends 140% of what it collects and if we increase taxes, we will just spend 140% of the new amount. We need to reform entitlements, we need to cut spending, we need to be called to the cause by our leader.

His opening tepid salvo is, in all honesty, expected and politically normal. Bush got wacked for being too forward on Social Security. But there is going to come an opportunity for meaningful "change". I "hope" he makes history.

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Baxter said...

I agree with some of your comments, Doc, more than usual. That said - the mantle of deficit reduction belongs to the Democrats. It was they who passed the 1993 Budget Bill without one Republican vote. They raised taxes and restrained the growth of spending. They maintained Pay/Go. And then they lost Congress in the following election. That lesson was not lost on anyone.

Your comment about always spending 140% of revenues is, of course, utterly false. Under Clinton that did not happen. Unfortunately, the surplus left town when he did. Perhaps, the lesson is that a Republican monopoly on power will always cause structural deficits. That is certainly what happened last time.

If you look at the current budget - actually inform your opinion - it will be obvious that we need to cut a lot more than we have been talking about. We also need to tax a lot more. We have a $1.6T deficit and we are arguing about $60B in spending cuts for crying out loud. And one side says we are "Taxed Enough Already." The cuts and taxes will need to be phased in so as not to derail the nascent recovery.