Sunday, February 27, 2011


It seems the popular notion now to blame unions on all that is wrong in America, and put them in the catagory of child molesters and wife beaters, its amazing that the Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has exempted from his REFORM, the three unions that backed him in his election victory.
But all other unions have to give up their union rights. Typical politics that just drive me to believe, that only that the affects me is all I care about, their is no community feeling its all about Me, ME, and more Me.
Scott Walker talks about the state of the economy in Wisconsin, which by the way is better off than most states, the only reason he faces a crisis he because he rammed thru 117 million tax cuts for corporations.


Baxter said...

As usual, Terry, you are right.

Shephard Smith pointed out on FNC that seven of the top ten fundraising groups in the last election supported Republicans. The other three were public unions. If they are brought down, the GOP will completely dominate the money game in politics.

One wonders how long Shep will keep his job with that kind of fair and balanced talk.

Jim G. said...

So, Terry...just can put your foot just ahead of your ball (inside joke) or in your mouth.

We are going broke, in large (vast) part due to over promises. It is not undertaxation, and even if in your wildest Liberal dreams you STILL think that to be the case, even you, confused fiscal conservative you are (folks, we talk), you must admit we have over promised.

We need entitilement reform? Yes? We have promised too much to our seniors, to the unemployed, to firemen and police, to lots of groups. Yes, I guess (and yes Eric, I really don't) it might be a good thing to give goodies to all the deserving, but we can't.

We need to start standing up to those who take too large of a peice of the pie.

And before you start with the "rich" stuff, remember, they in large part(acutually completely) pay for the pie.

Scott Walker is not doing this to be popular and this argument is BS as is GWB going to war to collect oil money or cutting taxes to support his rich friends. If you guys want to continue to make such stupid arguements, go ahead, however Rome burns and I care about my country.

Baxter said...

Doc - "It is not undertaxation"? Really? We are bringing in the lowest percentage of GDP since the 1950's. How low would federal receipts have to go before you acknowledged this obvious fact?

If you look back the same 60 years you will see two and only two deficit explosions - the first under Reagan and the second under GW Bush. Both explosions followed significant supply side tax cuts. How do you reconcile these basic facts with your "It is not undertaxation" ignorant, BS tripe?

terry said...

Supply side economics has been proven wrong once and now twice Jim. There is no trickle down, to trickle down too, since the middle class has all but disappeared the last 8 years. Not everybody can go to college and graduate. We need trade schools. We need to make Housing affordable to the majority in this country. Why not 40 year mortgages? Housing and construction is an honorable profession, and those bastards on wall street ruined their lives, doesn't anybody get it???