Monday, February 7, 2011

Our President is truly clueless

Today in a speech before the US Chamber of Congress he implores US businesses to invest their piles of cash to help the economy grow.

However the clueless one fails to mention that to repatriate the majority of the cash on their books, because it is held overseas, these businesses will have to pay a major tax penalty.


Baxter said...

Mark ~

You must have missed the Charting Obama post. The market gives our president an unequivocal thumbs up!

Things are far better than they were two years ago. You need look no further than the Oval Office to understand why.

Mark R. said...

Keep drinking the Kool Aid! You are missing the entire point.

Baxter said...

I'm not missing the point at all, Mark, but one of us is.

The stock market is way up. It is a resounding "YES" vote on our current policies.

Private sector employment is up - more net jobs created in one year than the previous eight.

We have avoided an economic collapse. We are slowly picking up steam. We are outperforming Europe, which took a more conservative approach to the crisis.

If you compare GWB to Clinton and GWB to Obama, it is clear which party has a clue. Facts is facts and they damn today's GOP.