Saturday, February 5, 2011

Stupid Conservative Things

Some of the dumbest things conservatives have done in the past few years include:

Meddling in the Terry Schiavo case (intuding in a difficult, private matter)

Meddling in Elian Gonzalez (coming between a father and his child)

and possibly

Seemingly continuing to support a dictator as his country protests for freedom.  Yes, there is the risk that the couunty could come under the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood and become another Iran, however, that is what state departments are for.  If we argue that the Iraq war was worth it to bring democracy to the Middle East, then why oppose it when it tries to spread?


Baxter said...

Wow, Doc, we agree! And - icing on the cake - your positions are principled, not political.

Ironically, the Elian Gonzales thing helped GWB win Florida in 2000. The Cuban community punished Gore for the Clinton administrations support of the father/son reunification.

If we end up with a democratic Egypt, GWB gets a lot of the credit. He is the one that got the ball rolling. If we end up with a mess, so be it. The transition to Middle East democracy will not be easy. As Sharansky wrote, it is the only way the region will finally be stable, peaceful and prosperous.

Mark R. said...

This will truly measure whether Obama is a worse President then Jimmy Carter. Economically it is a dead heat right now. If Egypt turns into the next Iran he will truly be a failure.

Baxter said...

Mark -

Your boy, GWB, gets to share credit/blame with Obama in Egypt and it isn't nearly so simple as you paint it. Sharansky eloquently wrote about important democracy is and how - in the long run - it is better for everyone concerned.

What is the downside? The transition. After years of oppression, the population may not see things the same as the West and tumult may ensue. The greatest risk is "One man, one vote, one time." So long as democracy survives, in time western values will prevail.