Wednesday, March 2, 2011

GOV. Walker Kicked out of Marquette!!!

Gov. Walker now it seems cheated on a college paper at Marquette and was kicked out, before his senior year. Another Tea party intellectual, along with Beck, Hannity, and of course Palin the dean of intellectualism.
Look Governor public sector people always take less pay for more benefits and job security is that news to anyone.
My Friend Haggerty is right when bargaining is between politicans and civic employees the ground rules get sketchy and we need to look at that. My sister teaches in Wisconsin, they are willing to pay more for health benefits but don't take away bargaining rights.
Wisconsin 2nd in the country in ACT scores, seems like they do a pretty good job.
And by the way why are your three pet unions exempt from this " new reality"
Oh I forgot they backed you in your election.
I am so sick of this balancing the budget on people who played no part in this economic crisis. Where are the perp walks WALL STREET?


Jim G. said...

Let's include Joe the Plumber.

Terry, you I-S, why is it that your ilk are so inclined to attack the person rather than face the reality.

The candidate said, I want to spread the money around. Joe was attacked, old unpaid taxes found, and the President is spreading the wealth around, Socialist style.

WI, is going broke because you and yours won't say no to spending, the Governor is doing something about it and you are...worrying about his college years.

The couageous Rep. Governors are DOING SOMETHING and you and yours are..hiding in IL?

Besides tax increases which will need to be prohibitive and job killing, what else do you propose?

Wall Street had nothing to do with promising too much to Teachers.

As you bitch about his college education, you remain silent about you and yours efforts to limit the VERY MODEST cuts in spending proposed by the Republicains.

You should be ashamed.

What would you and yours (Rich) do? We can't tax our way out of this mess, your side will not allow ANY cuts in spending, ANY reform of entitlements.

You and your keep saying we can't balance the budget with just cuts in ND spending, yet you won't let entitlements be touched.

You say and yours say that eliminating several departments won't do the trick, well it won't hurt.

Oh, I know, you and yours are too busy going through the garbage of various candidates and citizens.

Is there a perp walk for idiots?

Baxter said...

Whether the fascists like it or not we will need to raise taxes AND cut spending to balance the budget, just as President Clinton did in the '90's.

The Good Doc cries "Attack the person"? That is the fear and smear MO of FNC. Ask Bachman, Beck, Palin, Rush and now even Huckabee how much substance they sprinkle into their personal attacks - most of which are outright lies.

The states are all going broke thanks to the George W Bush economic collapse. There is no distinction between states with collective bargaining and states without. Give the GOP a monopoly on power for six years and this is what happens, just as night follows day. It happened under Hoover (R) as well - the last time they had such a monopoly.

Don't confuse the difference between a workers right to negotiate and "cushy union contracts". One does not necessarily equal the other. With respect to work rules and benefits, the workers will collectively bargain on the scope of their give-backs, not raises.

We have a $1.6T annual deficit after years of GOP tax cuts and a recent bipartisan extension of same. The GOP has come up with a whopping $60B in spending cuts, leaving a $1.54T gaping hole. The federal government is bringing the lowest percentage of GDP that it has in 60 years. The obvious deficit-cutting opportunity comes in new taxes, such as a VAT. To deny the obvious is rank ignorance or outright dishonest argument.

Of course, fascists never play fair.

Anonymous said...

Once a cheater, always a cheater! College or not.

Jim G. said...

Lisa! Come on, for example, I used to never cheat at golf, now I do all the time, it is easier.

Once a cheater? Always? And that is relevant to your (Lisa, you are a Liberal blog board poster from WI aren't you) states impending fiscal implosion how?

Lisa! You can do better!

terry said...

Speaks to someone's character whether they cheat or not, which speaks to their truthfulness, which speaks to their soul, which speaks for their intentions, and finally their agenda. The agenda of corporate giveaway and greed. Let's give big business a break on taxes and hope they take care of the little guy, sorry fool me once okay twice NO.

Baxter said...

The Cheesehead Gov appears to a bully and misguided. That said, there is nothing corrupt about his recent record or his current attempt to bust the unions. I'll forgive something a kid did 25 +/- years ago.

What can I say? I had no problem forgiving Ted Kennedy...