Thursday, March 10, 2011

Living in an elitist left wing bubble

So this is how they talk at the White House. It is just amazing how smug and elitist the left wing really is! Does the radical left live in some type of alternative universe where they are so intelligent that whatever they think must be correct even though they have no evidence to prove it. Thank goodness for this clip. Now we all actually have proof of what an elitist outfit NPR is. I truly do not want one of my tax dollars to go to NPR. They can raise all their money from union dues and the other rich left wing groups like the grant they already received from George Soros. We have now seen behind the curtain and it is not pretty.


Baxter said...

The NPR guys comments were accurate. Today's GOP ain't your father's GOP. It has moved very far to the right. The John Birch Society is an official sponsor of CPAC for crying out loud!

Eisenhower, Nixon and even Reagan would have a hard time winning a Republican primary today - they are all too liberal by today's party standards. Just ask Lindsay Graham.

Jim G. said...

Really Richard? Really? The stuff about the Zionists, how the Jews own the new media?

Today's GOP is trying to save our country from fiscal ruin, however they are having difficulty with the Majority Leader who can't live without cowboy poetry as we are going broke.

You want leadership? The Rep. Governors are busting the Government employee unions which are wrecking our country.

John Birch? That's a laugher, I think the vast majority of Conservatives don't even know who they are, but right in the mainstream of the left lives anti semitic views.

Baxter said...

Don't confuse anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism. Many Jews do not support Zionism - a concept that says a Jewish kid from Brooklyn has more rights in Jerusalem than an Arab kid born and raised there.

The Zionist view is extremely well represented in our media as well as our Congress. It is one of the few things that both sides of the aisle have supported the past 60 years. I do not think it has served us well (or Israel for that matter).