Friday, March 4, 2011

What a dumb ass.

From Brother Baxter:   And he doesn't drink! 

The GOP has come up with a whopping $60B in spending cuts, leaving a $1.54T gaping hole. The federal government is bringing the lowest percentage of GDP that it has in 60 years. The obvious deficit-cutting opportunity comes in new taxes, such as a VAT.

And Federal Spending has done what?, you Dumb Ass,  you conveniently forget to provide information on the amount, the growth, anything about Federal Spending over the (take your pick)  past  5, 10, 20 years, total, per person, entitlement outlays, anything...anything. you continue to...lie...the $60B, umm....why isn't it larger, who stands in the way?  Who's party is trying to find ways to regulate our exploding budget and who is engaging in demagoguery?  (answer this, one of you Libs!)

And...why is it better to have a certain percentage of tax receipts taken by the Federal Government?  Why don't you ever research the total taken out of personal income including state, federal, sales, FICA and other various taxes?  On what basis do you arrive at your Orwellian conclusions?  How come you won't tell the truth Mr. Objective Oracle of Moderation?


Baxter said...

One of your better ignorant rants, Doc.

Well, my brilliant b-i-l, I do plenty of research. I wish you would just read a little about these topics, even though you are not a legislator. Facts is facts, and they damn the fiscal performance of the GOP over the past thirty years. I just wish you would accept the very obvious, objective facts.

What better way to measure federal receipts and outlays than as a percentage of GDP? Unless/until you have a plan to bring down spending below 15%/GDP, you need to get revenues up.

I am able to smugly point out your ignorance on this simple topic, time and again, for your failure to grasp the obvious. The American people want services that add up to more than 15%/GDP. More than 20%, in fact. So - if you want to live with the current tax structure and corresponding revenue - you need to find a way to take away Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. You will have to significantly pare Defense spending. Then you will need to establish a manner of paying down the debt. Good luck.

I hope your fellow Republicans campaign hard to take the "15%/GDP approach". They would likely be led by Rand Paul - all 20 or so that managed to get re-elected.

Jim G. said...

So your point must be that we are inevitably screwed. Again, as you Democrats/Socialist/Liberals are want to do, you give a cursory dismissal of the message, attack the messenger and ignore the point and facts.

You must believe that we are inevitably screwed because:

1) Your side is attacking the, as you describe, minimal proposed cuts in spending.

2) Your side is refusing to address the continued growth of government spending over the past 5/10/20 years for which no party is spared blame. At the current rate of growth of government spending, it will soon consume everything.

So your side, and I'm sure those protestors in WI are full of the statistics that you accuse me of lacking, is locking us into a run away train toward bankruptcy. You won't limit spending, you won't limit growth, you only want to raise taxes.

Folks are mad, go figure.

Baxter said...

I am not saying we are screwed. I'm saying that we need to pay our bills. We need to phase in significant tax increases to pay for the government services that we want. The GOP has very irresponsibly brought receipts down - generally under the "starve the beast" philosophy. Worse - they have yet to acknowledge the folly of their ways, which prevents the problem from being solved.

Spending has continued to rise as America has aged. Social Security and Medicare costs rise faster than the economy grows each and every year. We have seen this coming - we just didn't set up a reliable revenue source to pay for it. Remember the Prescription Drug bill? More "something for nothing" from the GOP...

Unfortunately, the folks that cry out "just cut spending" are generally not familiar with the budget. They offer no specifics because they do not know any. They are ignorant.

Current revenues as a percentage of GDP are very low. They are 33% below what Clinton brought in prior to the tenure of GWB. When facing such a massive deficit, it is rather obvious that the solution will come in spending cuts AND new taxes. There is no practical alternative.

Get a clue, Lou.